Xecuter Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit

Xecuter Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit

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Xecuter Corona 4GB NAND RW Kit

The Xecuter Corona v2 4GB NAND RW Kit is a tool that allows you to read and write to the Nand on the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB consoles which have the corona v2 motherboard. Unlike the Corona v1 boards which can be read and written to by tools like the Nand-X the Corona v2 require a different method which was discovered in Aug 2012, the new method that was discovered was soldering points from a MicroSD to SD card reader or USB MicroSD card reader to the motherboard and then connecting them to a PC to read and write to the NAND. So Xecuter decided to make up a simple yet effective RW QSB kit which is what we have here. These Xecuter Corona 4GB NAND RW QSB kits are compatible with the latest version of J-Runner and once soldered into place you connect the SD card to a SD card reader on your PC and use the J-Runner software to either read or write to the nand on your Corona v2 4GB consoles. The speeds at which these kits enable you to read and write the nand is also pretty good, no waiting 30min or more with this method.

For a while it looked like it was going to be tricky to read and write to the NAND on the Corona v2 boards, but in the end the method needed is pretty simple and these Xecuter 4GB RW kits are the simplest and neatest way of reading and writing to your corona v2 4GB nand. Because the method is so simple the price of these kits is also fairly cheap, so it’s not going to be a worry to have to spend the cash to be able to do the Corona v2’s as these kits are pretty cheap. We would say Xecuter will also release the QSB that goes onto the motherboard separately as some stage so that they can be left in the console for any future needs of reading or writing to the nand. If you want to start hooking into RGH on the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB consoles with the Corona v2 motherboards then buy yourself one of these Xecuter Corona 4GB nand RW kits here today.


Xecuter Corona 4GB NAND Read / Write QSB Kit Features

    • Fast Read / Write of a Corona 4GB Model NAND (Also Known As Corona v2)
    • Simple to install QSB board - very neat solution
    • Intergrated Enable / Disable circuit (Enable/Disable switch on the External Micro-SD adapter)
    • External Micro-SD can be removed and the circuit also disables cleanly
    • FFC ribbon cable for easy external solution
    • Micro-SD external adapter with disable switch
    • Includes free Micro-SD to Full SD Adapter



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  • David


    enkel corona v2 toevallig mijn model heb nand kunnen uitlezen tegen hoge snelheid ! sneller dan JR

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